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About Licenses

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You can choose the stock shop according to your needs. Licenses and pricing of my files differ in each library. I recommend buying my things in this order/preference.

Pond 5

Pricing is set by me and it's most accurate. You can get there wide license for unlimited times usage for relatively lowest costs. Recomended for commercial use or collecting own library of audio files for long term use. No prepaid credit system. Only here you can find all my files. About 4600 files.


Pricing is set by me. Wide license for multiple use. Only music has own licensing system, which is little expensive for wide use (country, international). Easy for use - prepaid system. About 1350 files.


Pricing is set by library. You can get there my files in cheapest prices, but standard license is only for podcast or non-commercial single use. For commercial use prices are higher. Prepaid or no-prepaid system. About 700 files.


Pricing is set by library. Simple system and good previews. Multipe use licensing. All the audio has the same price so buying small and short audio is not cost effective. About 1100 files.


Pricing is set by library. Only prepaid system. Good interface and content control. Multiple use licenses. Quite cheap, but they take over 80% of the price. So I prefer to sell elsewhere. About 2300 files.